If you take a walk along Pendlebury Lane starting at the top going down towards Wigan you’ll pass this scene.  Visibility, at the time of painting, was low,  the rains had fallen and the sun was breaking through.

It was exhibited at the  Mall Galleries, London in the 2006 open exhibition of the Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolour. It was bought by the Wigan Education Authority to celebrate the career of Janice Leach who was remembered particularly as the headteacher of Mere Oaks School, Wigan.  



                                                                STATION IN SUNLIGHT

On a drive into Liverpool I came across this scene. The low afternoon light on the station wall and bridge caught my eye.  Unfortunately,  I don’t exactly know where it is in Liverpool, but one day I am sure I will come across it again.  Time and again I will forget to write down the name of the place I have painted, much to my frustration, and it’s only when I stumble on it again, often months later, when I will make a note of the place name. This painting was on show at the Mall Galleries,London, in the open exhibition 2007 of the New English Art Club. 



This is an article found in the Aspire magazine-issue 367 22nd September 2014