25 minute painting

Sometimes finding a subject simple enough to be painted in around 30 mins is possibly a great way to achieve the unspoiled watercolour. This latest demo at my watercolour class today was in essence just that. The subject was just enough and could be completed in about half an hour though not everyone managed it. […]

If you ever get to Ramsbottom, Lancashire

Last Friday I went to Ramsbottom in Lancashire to see the old train station which has steam trains visiting.  All the smells of those times way back.   I saw the light on the little shed and realised that was a good starting point for my picture except I was standing on the level crossing […]

Blackrod is simplicity in itself.

 Simplicity in itself – watercolour is simple. The laying of washes, working from light to dark generally, but the truth is, we make it difficult. I noticed in my class the other day that there was a lot of improvement being made.  Those particular artists were beginning to make fresh looking washes that weren’t overworked […]

flowers demo

A quick sketch, done with just two washes. Plenty of wet in wet.

mountaintop house, kalabaka, greece

This demo was done this morning, 15th March 2013,  Sunshine House,  Scholes,  Wigan. It was taken from a photo I found on the internet called ‘mountain top house, Kalabaka, Greece’ by Mitch. This painting is not for sale. It is very important to achieve distance between the house and the mountains in the background and […]

Farm on Pendlebury Lane

I painted this at a recent Friday morning tutorial demonstration up at Sunshine House, Scholes, Wigan.  I went out between Christmas and the New Year on a reasonably warm afternoon to paint the original which I used to paint this demo.  While painting that day I met Andrew Green, a local artist, a wood carver […]