photocrati galleryLast Friday I went to Ramsbottom in Lancashire to see the old train station which has steam trains visiting.  All the smells of those times way back.   I saw the light on the little shed and realised that was a good starting point for my picture except I was standing on the level crossing when I saw it.  There were no trains coming, but it was an impossibility to paint it from that position.  I paint fast but not that fast – which leads me onto my painting tip.

At least someone may consider it a tip anyway.  I don’t paint fast in order to capture the light, which is constantly changing,  I paint quickly because I am impatient and want to get to the finishing touches as soon as possible. It’s the final touches that either make or break my paintings.  So I have to be careful, but I don’t need to be careful with my first washes because they won’t shine and sparkle and glow if I am.

Well anyway, I quickly sketched the scene and then retired to the other side of the road to paint it. I wasn’t at the same angle but the colours and atmosphere were still there for me to see.

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